Nick Mullen Age Birthday

Let’s talk about Nick Mullen Age Birthday, a guy known for making people laugh with his clever jokes and funny stories. In this article, we’ll uncover some interesting details about Nick Mullen’s age, birthday, and his journey in the world of comedy. Get ready for a fun ride through the life of this celebrated comedian.

Nick Mullen Age & Birthday

Nick Mullen was born on October 13, 1988, in New York City. He’s not just any guy – he’s an American comedian, writer, and podcaster. Nick is famous for his super sharp humor and bold style of comedy, making him a big deal in the world of comedy today. He started making people laugh when he was quite young, and now, he’s like a shining star in the world of comedy.

Nick Mullen Age Birthday

Now, for the details everyone’s curious about – Nick Mullen Birthday and Age:

Attribute Information
Full Name Nick Mullen
Date of Birth October 13, 1988
Age 35 years old
Birthplace New York


So, as of 2023, Nick is 35 years old. Every year on October 13th, we celebrate his birthday. Nick Mullen place of birth is New York. It’s a time to appreciate all the laughs he’s given us so far and get excited about the funny moments he’ll bring in the future.

Nick Mullen Age Birthday

Nick Mullen Career History

Nick Mullen’s story in the comedy world is really cool. He began as a stand-up comedian in the lively New York comedy scene, and people quickly noticed him for his unique jokes and fearless way of talking about everyday things.

Then came a big moment in his career – he started a podcast called “Cum Town” with his friends Adam Friedland and Stavros Halkias. This podcast became super popular because they talked about all kinds of things in a funny and not-so-serious way.

But Nick didn’t stop there. He also became a regular guest on different comedy shows and podcasts, showing off his funny side to all kinds of audiences. His jokes, mixed with his “say it like it is” attitude, made him a favorite among many fans.

How did Nick Mullen get into comedy?

Nick started making people laugh with his jokes in New York City. People loved his style, and that’s how he got into the world of comedy.

In wrapping up, exploring Nick Mullen’s age, birthday, and comedic journey is like taking a peek into the world of a comedy genius. His bold style and unique jokes have left a lasting impression on the comedy world. As we celebrate his birthday, let’s give a big thanks for all the laughter he’s shared and get ready for more funny moments to come. Nick Mullen, a true icon in comedy, keeps on inspiring and entertaining us with his one-of-a-kind humor!

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