Kevin Hart Age Birthday

Today we will discuss Kevin Hart Age Birthday. Kevin Hart is an American jokester and entertainer who has made overall progress. He is known for his stand-up spoof plans, which regularly deal with his own life and experiences. Hart has similarly been highlighted in different films and television programs, including “Jumanji: ” Take on a similar mindset as a Man, Night School, and Welcome to the Wilderness.

Kevin Hart’s comedic brightness has graced our screens and stages for a really long time, making him a name inseparable from diversion and chuckling. In the article, as well as uncovering Kevin Hart’s age and birthday, we will likewise give you a complete glance at the comedic symbol’s life and work. From his underlying beginning stages to his rise to notoriety, we’ll cover everything.

Kevin Hart Age and Birthday

Attribute Information
Full Name Kevin Hart
Date of Birth July 6, 1979
Age 44 years
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Before we dive into Kevin Hart’s biography and business, we ought to start with the fundamentals. On July 6, 1979, Kevin Hart was born into the world. He will be 44 years of age in 2023, the ongoing date. Now that we know his age and birthday, let’s take a look at the fascinating journey that this comedy legend has taken.

Kevin Hart Biography

Hart began his career as a stand-up comedian in the early 2000s. He quickly procured acclaim, and in 2009 he conveyed his most vital parody assortment, “Truly Engaging”. The assortment was a fundamental business accomplishment, and it helped with shipping off Hart’s calling as a huge Hollywood star, Kevin Hart Birthday Age.

Since then, Hart has appeared in a lot of movies and shows on television. A portion of his most outstanding jobs include:

  • “Ride Along” (2014)
  • “Think Like a Man” (2012)
  • “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017)
  • “Night School” (2018)
  • “The Upside” (2017)
  • “Central Intelligence” (2016)
  • “Get Hard” (2015)
  • “The Wedding Ringer” (2015)
  • “Top Five” (2014)
  • “About Last Night” (2014)
  • “Grudge Match” (2013)

Kevin Hart The Comedy Beginnings

In the latter part of the 1990s, Hart began performing at Philadelphia’s amateur comedy clubs, which marked the beginning of his comedy career. His humor, which frequently addressed family, relationships, and personal growth, Kevin Hart DOB, reflected his life. The crowds reacted immediately to this appealing style.

Hart is perhaps one of the best jokester and entertainers on the planet. He has received a number of honors, including:

  • 2011 BET Comedy Awards: Best Actor
  • 2012 MTV Movie Awards: Best Comedic Performance
  • 2015 People’s Choice Awards: Favorite Movie Actor
  • 2016 Teen Choice Awards: Choice Movie Actor: Comedy
  • 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards: Favorite Male Comedian Movie Star

Hart is likewise a fruitful financial specialist. HartBeat Productions is his own production company, and Kevin Hart Collection is his own clothing line.

Kevin Hart Age Birthday

The Kevin Hart Personal Life

Kevin Hart is well-known for his charitable endeavors in addition to his comedy. He has partaken in various altruistic undertakings, including catastrophe alleviation and training. Hart has faced hardship on his own, but despite it, he has emerged stronger and more grounded, demonstrating courage and the potential for personal growth.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Year Net Worth (Estimated)
2022 $200 million (estimated)
2023 $450 million

Kevin Hart is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. He has a net worth of $450 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Kevin Hart Wife Eniko Parrish 

Aspect Details
Full Name Eniko Parrish
Marriage Date August 13, 2016
Occupation Model, Actress


Kevin Hart’s current wife is Eniko Parrish. They began dating in 2011 and got engaged in 2014. They were married on August 13, 2016, near Santa Barbara, California.

Kevin Hart Children 

Name Birth Year Gender
Heaven Leigh Hart 2005 Female
Hendrix Angel Hart 2007 Male
Kenzo Kash Hart 2017 Male
Kaori Mai Hart 2020 Female

Kevin Hart has four children. His first two children, Heaven Leigh Hart and Hendrix Angel Hart, were born to his ex-wife Torrei Hart. His other two children, Kenzo Kash Hart and Kaori Mai Hart, were born to his current wife Eniko Parrish.

What is Kevin Hart’s net worth?

Kevin Hart’s total assets is assessed to be $450 million.

What is Kevin Hart’s height?

How tall is chris hart, is 5’4″ tall.

Kevin Hart height and weight?

His weight is around 140 to 150 pounds.

Kevin Hart Parents Height?

There isn’t readily available information about the height of Kevin Hart’s parents.

Cuanto Mide Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart mide 1,57 metros. Esto equivale a 5 pies y 4 pulgadas en el sistema de medición imperial.

Is Kevin Hart married?

Yes, Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart are married. Together, they have two children.

What is Kevin Hart’s most famous movie?

Kevin Hart’s most popular film is “Jumanji: “Hello from the Jungle!” Over $962 million was made by the movie worldwide.

When did Kevin Hart start his comedy career?

Kevin Hart began his career in comedy in Philadelphia’s amateur comedy clubs in the late 1990s, and it wasn’t until the 2000s that he became famous, Kevin Hart Birthday.

How many children does Kevin Hart have?

Kevin Hart has a lot of kids. He is a committed family man, and his day-to-day life is much of the time a wellspring of motivation for his parody.

Kevin Hart is a talented comedian and performer who has made significant progress in his career. He keeps on charming crowds all around the world and motivates numerous Kevin Hart Age Birthday. From his unobtrusive beginning stages in Philadelphia to transforming into an overall parody sensation and a powerful figure in news sources, Hart’s story is both persuading and locking in. His ability to communicate with swarms through humor and realness has enchanted him to fans all over the planet.

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