Fred Armisen Age Birthday

Fred Armisen is a versatile and talented entertainer who has made a name for himself in various fields of the entertainment industry. Born on December 4, 1966, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Fred has proven himself as a comedian, actor, writer, musician, and producer. This post aims to give you an easy-to-understand overview of Fred Armisen Age Birthday, net worth, wife, child, and incredible journey in the world of entertainment.

Fred Armisen Birthday And Age

Let’s start by looking at some basic details about Fred Armisen’s age and birthday. Currently Date, Fred is 56 years old, and he celebrated his birthday on December 4, 1966, making him a Sagittarius known for their wit and adventurous spirit.

Attribute Information
Full Name Fred Armisen
Date of Birth December 4, 1966
Age 56 years old
Birthplace Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Fred Armisen Career History

Fred Armisen’s path in the entertainment industry is truly fascinating. He began as a drummer for the punk rock band Trenchmouth and later transitioned into comedy, becoming a notable cast member on Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 2002 to 2013. His memorable characters and impersonations showcased his comedic brilliance.

Following his SNL tenure, Armisen co-created and starred in the highly praised sketch comedy series “Portlandia” alongside Carrie Brownstein. This venture earned him widespread recognition and several Emmy nominations. Fred’s diverse talents have also led to collaborations with renowned musicians and appearances in various TV shows and films.

Fred Armisen Age Birthday

Fred Armisen Net Worth

Fred Armisen is a funny person from America. He does comedy, acts, makes music, and writes stuff. He has a lot of money, about $8 million. People recognize him for being on Saturday Night Live, the show called Portlandia, and also a documentary.

Fred Armisen Wife

Fred Armisen has been married two times. First, he was married to English singer-songwriter Sally Timms from 1998 to 2004. After that, he got married again to actress Elisabeth Moss, and their marriage lasted from 2009 to 2011. Additionally, Fred dated actress Natasha Lyonne from 2014 to 2022.

Fred Armisen child

Fred Armisen doesn’t have any kids that are biologically his own. He got married two times, but in neither of his marriages, did he have any children.

What is Fred Armisen famous for?

Fred Armisen is famous for his work as a comedian, actor, musician, and writer. He gained widespread recognition for his time on Saturday Night Live and co-creating the sketch comedy series “Portlandia.”

How many times has Fred Armisen been married?

Fred Armisen has been married twice. His first marriage was to Sally Timms, and he later married Elisabeth Moss.

Exploring Fred Armisen Age Birthday, net worth, wife, and child gives us a peek into the life of a truly multi-talented entertainer. Beyond the statistics, it’s clear that Fred Armisen’s talent and creativity have made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. This post aims to provide an easy-to-understand guide to various aspects of Fred Armisen’s life while balancing user-friendly content and SEO optimization.

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